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Sub Marine Services

Marine Civil Engineering

SMS are marine contractors who have considerable experience with many different marine-based civil engineering projects. Works to-date includes wharf demolition and construction, marine land reclamation, dredging, piling, quay wall maintenance and various aspects of marina installation. SMS hold long-standing contracts for underwater telephone cable laying, maintenance and recovery and have been engaged in undersea pipe laying for sewage discharge and cooling water sea suction.


With our extensive marine plant assets, SMS are able to offer backhoe excavators on floating pontoon barges, suction dredge capabilities and grab dredgers. This diversity allows us the flexibility to undertake projects in a variety of coastal locations, with vessels and plant offering optimum manoeuvrability and dredge speed.


SMS have considerable experience with most kinds of pile driving for marine civil engineering projects. We regularly install round, sheet and box piles for a variety of applications, utilising our various floating plant and equipment.

Trelissick Bridge, River Fal, Cornwall. UK

Trelissick Bridge, River Fal, Cornwall. UK

Pontoon and bridge installations

SMS have capabilities for constructing and installing various types of small and medium structures. Previous contracts have included pontoon installation projects for marinas and landing stages, as well as footbridge assembly, delivery to site and installation where access is permitted by sea only. Our crane barges are just one example of the specialist marine plant used to support this type of project. SMS has the equipment and expertise to bring marine engineering projects to conclusion on time and within budget.

Reclaimed hard-standing; Falmouth Marina, Cornwall, UK

Reclaimed hard-standing;
Falmouth Marina, Cornwall, UK

Land reclamation

SMS are available to carry out works to extend available ground at a diverse variety of marine locations. We possess the capabilities to undertake all aspects of the construction project, whatever the contract size.

Pipe and cable laying and recovery

Our divers and marine contractors are regularly involved in projects, both onshore and offshore, for installation and maintenance of a variety of pipes and cables.

Quay walls

We offer underwater engineering and above water maintenance of most types of quay wall and have previously conducted repair work on dock gate cills and waterways lock cills.


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