Sub Marine Services provides a wide range of underwater repair services for commercial and defence vessels, as well as maritime, river, canal and reservoir structures.  Supplying repair solutions to vessels afloat and structures in situ reduces client costs and can mean shorter out of service times.

We continue to develop a variety of innovative procedures which enable us to carry out numerous underwater repair operations on a diverse range of vessels and structures. The range of repair services we offer to vessels are:


  • Hull insert and doubler plate repairs

  • Welded crack repairs

  • In water propeller repairs & blade replacement

  • Bilge keel cropping

  • Rudder repairs

  • Aperture blanking and cofferdam fabrication/installation

  • Sacrificial and impressed current anode replacement

  • Transducer replacement

  • Grinding and profiling

  • Lost anchor location and recovery

We are able to offer a wide variety of underwater repair solutions for a diverse range of structures including docks and dock gates, harbour walls, bridges, pontoons, piers, slipways, sluices and mooring systems. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Shuttering and concrete repairs

  • Gabion baskets

  • Link-lock mattresses

  • Pumped grout mattresses

  • Grout bag work

  • Underwater welding

  • Rock armour and scour protection

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